I haven’t drawn my boo in over a week;;;
Aside from DIO’s palette, this is my favorite~ヾ(´^`ヾ)))

I haven’t drawn my boo in over a week;;;

Aside from DIO’s palette, this is my favorite~ヾ(´^`ヾ)))

Anonymous asked: Do you own the JoJo all-star battle videogame? or ever played it?

I have both the JP and ENG version. If you want to play some casual matches with me(or whoever is reading this), you can freely add me on psn: dRyuu27.

Anonymous asked: does he wear lipstick or are his lips horribly deformed


Almost every character in JoJo wears lipstick lol

Anonymous asked: I don't know if this is a question on the JoJo list, but I want to get into the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Anime, and I've heard that there are a ton of different arcs and that its difficult to follow. Any wisdom as to where should a newcomer to JoJo like me should start?

It’s actually not difficult to follow the anime. The orders are: Phantom Blood, Battle Tendency, and Stardust Crusaders (the anime is still going on). The first episode is called “Dio the Invader” that’s where you should start. PB has 9 episode (in the manga it was a short arc). Episode 10-26 is Battle Tendency. Once you’re done with that you can just type in “Stardust Crusader episodes” and yeah that’s about it~ They have all the episodes on Crunchyroll so it should be a breeze to follow! Hope this helps(´^` )))

Anonymous asked: (Young joseph has the most kissable lips though)

Anon right here knows what’s up.
So does JoJolion Josuke, I mean come on.. look at this.

Anonymous asked: i wanna smooch jolyne's huge lips

UGHHH I know right!

I want to kiss every JoJo character because they all have plump lips. It’s the reason why I have a fetish for lips now!!

My top 5 favorite outfits from Stone Ocean. 
I really want to cosplay all of them, maybe one day when I get hella buffヾ(´^`ヾ)))

Anonymous asked: # 16 on the JoJo list.

16: How would describe the series to someone who has never read it before? 

JJBA mainly revolves around the Joestar family blood line going thru, wait for it.. a BIZARRE ADVENTURE. There are currently 8 parts: Parts 1 and 2 focus on vampires and the stone mask while part 3 and so on are about stands(semi-physical manifestation of the user that all have different abilities).
It’s very over the top shounen, crazy fights, POSING, and characters named after singers/bands lol

This manga is over 25 years old and still going, it’s the best time to check it out (you guys will never understand the beautiful duwang). I’m going to be honest, it may not be for everyone since it does have body horror and animal abuse but give it a shot and if it’s not your cup of tea then it’s totally fine! I hope everyone reading this give it a chance ^^

Oh yeah, and it was DIO. Fuck that guy, I love him.

Anonymous asked: #25

Is this from the “Let’s Talk About JoJo”? If so..
Any JJBA merchandise you wish you could have?
I really want the WonFest Joseph SAS and this. They’re hella rad, no wonder they’re exclusive…